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Pillow roll - The comfort of your own pillow.

Like most creators of new or improved products. I conceived the idea of the "Pillow Roll" as a result of personal experience and the need for such a product. I believed there had to be an easier means of transporting a pillow whilst travelling. I reasoned that a specially designed carrier with a set of velcro fasteners and a handle could be produced that would be used to accomodate a pillow, a user could transport a pillow from one destination to another in a more compact and manageble manner to full-fill this need , I invented the Pillow Roll.

Ease of Use

    PIllow Roll

  • The Pillow Roll was a concept idea for people to travel with their own pillow. This brings the comfort of having your own comfy pillow with you so you can have a good nights sleep.

    Hotels and motels always seem to have a too hard, too soft, too high, too flat pillows provided on their beds.

    The Pillow Roll now means taking the comfort of your own pillow with you no matter where you go.

    Your pillow is protected from germs and grime , roll your pillow up with ease, for handling and portability.

    Pillow Roll is your own convenient personal pillow carrier, whether travelling or just off camping for a weekend.


The pillow roll is available to buy for the low price of: $24.95 plus postage and handling.


The Pillow Roll is available in 3 great colours. Head over to the SHOP page to view our available products.
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