I read about your Pillow roll in the Brisbane "Sunday Mail" travel supplement "Escape" back in August....I think. I bought one for myself to be able to take my pillow with me as we were doing a 35 day cruise and, from past experience, I was dreading the nightly headaches I was in for!!

I found the Pillow roll excellent to carry my pillow (just like a swag really) and it slipped easily onto my suitcase when we were on the move. Having my pillow with me worked a charm. Only two headaches in 35 days!!!! Amazing and I found the Pillow roll so easy. I was a bit concerned about folding it up but it didn't hurt the pillow at all.

Now my daughter has bought a new pillow. She is a volunteer in Africa and travels throughout the countries there and always takes her pillow. Thus this is my second order.

Julie - Petrie QLD


Pillow Roll is such a great idea - my favourite pillow now travels with me wherever I go. it keeps my pillow clean and It's compact, smart and trendy. But most of all, I always know I'll get a good night's sleep, no matter where I am. I just unroll it and It's ready to use. And when I've been delayed on my flight and there's very little in the way of places to rest in the airport. I use it rolled up and my pillow stays clean and hygenic inside. Other weary travellers loom on in envy.

Marianne, Lake Macquarie


We have recently cruised the Pacific Islands on a cruise ship and had our own pillows the whole way. For those who like the comfort of sleeping with their own pillow would know how difficult It Is trying to pack or carry such a bulky object. The amazing pillow roll works a treat and makes transporting easy. We were able to use the rolled up pillow on the train to Sydney and then on the ship knowing we would have a good night’s sleep. Another handy tip is you can roll up your beach towel making It easy to carry around.

Chris & Donna

As we do a lot of travelling, I bought 2 of these pillow rolls, you can't take your bed with you when you travel but these pillow rolls give us the ability to take our pillows. I am so very happy with them, they are a terrific idea and so easy to take on our travels. We have taken ours on a plane, cruise ship our boat and in the van. When finished travelling we just roll them up until we get home and back to our own bed. FANTASTIC!!!


We travelled through Canada for a month with our three children last Christmas, and the Pillow Roll was a life saver. We used them on a plane, In the airport during stopovers, then when we reached our accommodation we had the luxury of our very own pillows. We had lots of luggage because it was winter, so being able to hang them on the suitcase handle is genius. We are planning to go back to Canada this year, and the Pillow Roll will definitely coming with us.

Angela & Murray

Kilaben Bay, NSW, Australia

My children love their new pillow roll.  My daughter took hers with her on school camp.  It fitted over her bag easily and she loved the fact that she could take her favourite pillow with her as a comfort whilst away from home. I would definitely recommend the pillow roll.

Rachael M
Blackalls Park